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Sunday, June 25, 2006

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Some people have trouble with "ethics", beyond what they learn in Sunday school. But most people can recognize certain values when they hear them. Let's look at some in a special way that highlights what psychologists call "cognitive dissonance" -- when the mind and reality do not match up -- as they relate to circumcision. Nearly everybody will be able to relate to the ethical principles below, while understanding what happens in real life that violates the principles:

"We hope our baby doesn't have any birth defects."
…except for aposthia (lack of foreskin) which we would sort of like.

"We'd never submit our baby to a surgical procedure without a diagnosis."
…except for circumcision, which doctors let us decide about.

"It is not OK to hurt babies."
…except when they 'have to be' circumcised.

"We'd never unnecessarily place our baby at risk of infection or injury."
…except to get him circumcised.

"We'd never permit healthy tissue to be removed from our baby."
…unless it is his foreskin.

"It is our job to protect our baby from pain."
...except from his circumcision.

"We must aid and comfort our baby when he is injured."
…except during his circumcision which we'll pretend doesn't hurt.

"We'd never take the easy way out of caring for our baby."
…unless it is a boy. Then we'll have his penis altered so we won't have to take care of the great unknown: foreskin.

"We'd never allow anything to impair our baby's bonding with his mother."
…except for the pain of circumcision.

"We want our baby to grow up happy with his body."
…but we'll jeopardize his self-esteem by cutting the center of his male body image: his penis.

"We'd never let our child feel robbed of something if we could prevent it."
…except for his foreskin which we hold to be worthless (and we don't care what he might think).

"We'd never place our child at a disadvantage where he could be ridiculed."
…except we'll alter his penis so it doesn't look like or function like the vast majority in the world.

"We wouldn't want our baby to doubt our commitment to him.
…but we'll let a stranger cut off his foreskin, and we'll let him grow up knowing that we couldn't or wouldn't protect him from this invasion of his body.

"We'd never do anything to make our baby doubt our love."
…except we'll have part of his body destroyed by circumcision.

"We'd never do anything to our baby just because it was done to us."
…except we'll circumcise him so he'll be just like his Daddy.

"We don't hold with tribal markings just to make children feel part of a clan as they do in primitive cultures."
…except we'll circumcise our boys in the (vain) hope that they'll all look alike in the locker room.

"We would not compromise our baby just to bend to societal pressures."
…except we'll circumcise him because the grandparents expect it, and what would the neighbors say?

"We'd never impose our will on our child against his future wishes."
…except we'll rush to circumcise him before he can even formulate his wishes.

"We'd never compromise our baby's future happiness."
…but we will remove an erogenous part of his body.

"We'd never make an irreversible decision to alter our child's appearance in a way he might one day regret, such as tattooing."
…unless it is to alter the appearance of his penis in a way -we- want.

"We want our baby to grow up a -human- being."
…but we'll teach him, by circumcising him, that human rights don't amount to much.

"We'll love our baby in all his glory."
…except for his foreskin which we'll have cut off and thrown in the trash.

"God made our baby with love, care and wisdom."
…except for his penis which needs to be 'fixed'.

"We hold that all parts of our baby's body are sacred.”
…except for his foreskin which is ours to alter as we will.

"It is wrong to deprive someone of a healthy part of their body."
…unless it is the male foreskin.


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